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What Is the California Center for Health Improvement?
The California Center for Health Improvement (CCHI) is a resource for policy-makers and community residents on effective policy interventions to improve population health.

Our Mission
CCHI is committed to improving the health of the public by disseminating objective, accurate, and easily understood information about community health and healthcare issues and policies to wide and diverse audiences. Through our publications and technical assistance, we strive to stimulate thoughtful dialogue, increase participation, and enable informed policy-making to improve the public=s health.

Policy Development--local, state, and federal
Health Informatics
Policy Analysis
Community Health/Public Health
Collaboration to change the paradigm about what contributes to good health and well-being

Program Areas

Health Informatics. Through CCHI=s publications, the Center has developed a reputation for analyzing and synthesizing complex health research and policy information and presenting it to policy-makers, stakeholders, and the public in an accurate, reader-friendly manner. Widely regarded as timely and relevant to current policy issues facing communities, these publications present both the context and the considerations associated with key health policy questions facing California and the nation. Topics presented in recent publications include tobacco control, children=s health, substance abuse and women=s health.

Health Policy Analysis. CCHI has published policy papers which analyze complex health issues and present recommendations for future action.

Public Opinion Survey Research. The Center has developed and implemented numerous public opinion surveys of Californians concerning issues affecting the health of the state. Working in collaboration with The Field Institute and Louis Harris, Inc., the Center has undertaken surveys on issues such as community health, health spending, welfare reform, children=s health, and substance abuse. Survey findings have been analyzed and presented in various report forms and in person to policy-makers, stakeholders, and media throughout the state.

Consultation and Technical Assistance. The Center provides consulting support to individual clients and California=s 58 counties. Recent work for private clients has dealt with outreach for children=s health coverage and reorganizing local public health programs. CCHI has also initiated the Prop 10 Technical Assistance Center. The purpose of the center is to increase the capacity of county Proposition 10 commissions to develop and implement Proposition 10 through Aon-demand@ statewide technical assistance, dissemination of programmatic and policy-related materials, and the administration of the Proposition 10 Information Clearinghouse.

Funding Sources
Initial funding for CCHI is from a grant from The California Wellness Foundation as part of its Health Improvement Initiative. Additional sources of revenue includes: foundations, non-profit organizations and private clients.

CCHI Principals
Principals at CCHI have extensive professional experience in health and healthcare policy development and implementation. With experience at the federal, state, and local levels, CCHI staff have policy expertise in such diverse areas as children=s health, managed care, health insurance reform, the healthcare safety-net and integration of health and human service programs.

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